Putting a wag in their tail

Dog training and so much more…

We are force-free, fear-free and shock-free in every element of our training!

We only use kind and positive methods that are based on scientific studies and are proven to get great, long-lasting results that create a strong relationship between you and your dog based on mutual trust.

We’ll create a training plan to suit your dog’s specific needs and one that you can manage and maintain around your lifestyle.

You can find out more about us and our services by exploring the different tabs above, or if you’re ready to get started just get in touch.

Why choose Positively Pawfect?

Positively Pawfect is the only dog trainer in the area to have completed their training through the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behaviour (with distinction). This qualification required intense training with lots of hands-on experience. I was lucky to be taught by Victoria (from ‘It’s me or the dog’) herself alongside her team of amazing trainers, therapists and behaviourists. We use only positive reinforcement based methods so all training is fear, force and shock free for your dog. This helps to create a strong bond between you and your dog, resulting in mutual respect which creates effective training results and enables you both to have lots of fun!

Public Courses

We’ll tailor our training plan to suit your dog and you so it works for your lifestyle!

Private Training

One to one sessions are a great alternative to group classes, especially for dogs who find group settings overwhelming. Sessions can be done close together or spread out over time to suit you.

Child and Dog Safety

Here at Positively Pawfect we are specialists in DOG & BABY SAFETY and are passionate about ensuring homes with dogs are safe for young children.