Behavioural Training

Putting a wag in their tail

Behavioural one to ones

An individual approach is needed for dogs that are experiencing behavioural challenges to maximise success on both ends of the lead. Whether you are experiencing embarrassment as your dog lunges on the end of the lead barking or walking on egg shells to prevent escalation in behaviour; we can help. 

Our experienced trainers can help with many behavioural challenges from barking at the window or visitors, aggressive behaviours towards people, dogs, or even objects, resource guarding, and many more.

On a one-to-one visit we will work with you to create a training plan to help your dog learn and feel positive!

Each session includes written feedback and a training plan.

Once your dog has been assessed, you may be referred to Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Danielle Beck. Please note that our trainer may choose to deliver these sessions online, depending on the level of need of the dog and to ensure their wellbeing and best training results.

Packages available:


Platinum – £715

1 x Behavioural Assessment
10 x One-to-One Sessions

Premium – £420

1 x Behavioural Assessment

5 x One-to-One Sessions

Standard – £240

1 x Behavioural Assessment

2 x One to One Sessions

Assessment – £89

1 x Behavioural Assessment

To enquire and book any of our behavioural packages, please email The Assessment Form linked below must be completed in full and returned with your booking email.