Clicker Training

Clicker training is a method that uses a unique sound to tell a dog that he has done something right. The click is very distinctive and precise so get’s great training results. It replaces your ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’.

How Does Clicker Training Work?
To begin with a dog is taught that the sound of the click means he will get a reward. When he does what is asked, you click and this is immediately followed by a reward. This gives a dog instant feedback and reinforces the particular action, choice or behaviour he has just done. The dog soon associates the sound with something good and responds quickly again in anticipation of receiving a similar reward. This creates a great association with what they’re learning and motivates them to repeat the behaviour.

Clicker Rules:

  • Click only once
  • If you click you must treat
  • Do not use the clicker like a remote control and point it at your dog.
A clicker is a neutral sound so we need to create a conditioned response by pairing the sound with a reward. This is called charging the clicker.
How to:
Click (once only) and deliver a reward.