What is Positive Training and WHY use it?

Positive training is not a scientific phrase but it is a scientifically backed process. Positive training includes the use of positive reinforcement to reward a behaviour we like, reinforcing which means it is therefore more likely to be repeated. We do not use any punitive methods such as punishment, prong collars, shock collars, shouting or hitting dogs. Punitive methods increase bite risks and they don’t actually teach the dog skills; they create dogs that do or don’t do a particular skill or behaviour due to fear of what would happen if they did the opposite. This highly increases the risk of a dog becoming reactive and biting. Positive training however, increases the bond between human and dog, as well as getting dogs to do the skills and behaviours we’d like because they enjoy doing them. Positive training is the most humane, effective, long-lasting and safest method of training dogs.

Dominance is not something you need to worry about with pet dogs. Dogs are not trying to ‘be the boss’ or ‘dominate’. For a great resource explaining this, click here: Is My Dog Dominant? | Victoria Stilwell Positively

Remember, dogs are not pre-programmed when they are born – they do not know what our expectations are or how to do specific skills. We need to teach and guide them. Set them up for success and help them learn how to do the things you’d like them to.