Our pets are part of our family and they’re definitely our best friends…

So why wouldn’t we want them to celebrate with us on our big day?

Bringing your furry friend

We can pick your dog up at any time on the morning of your wedding and get them spruced up, maybe with a little bow tie, so they’re looking the part! We can then bring them to your venue and look after them for the duration they are there. We can even help get them in position to get some great looking photos with you! We’ll make sure they have some play time, toilet breaks, food, water, quiet time away from the hustle and bustle and of course, lots of cuddles! At the end of their time at your wedding, we can take them back to where they’re staying.

To add on some training throughout the day, such as getting your dog to sit nicely for photos, wait at the end of the aisle before they walk down or sit nicely to greet your guests:

*please note that we require an initial visit to see you and your dog prior to your wedding to ensure your dog will be comfortable with the experience. 

**Please note, if your dog is not already training to do the skill such as ring bearing, you may need to add on a training package – see below.


If you’d like to get your dog involved on your big day – maybe they walk down the aisle with you, carry the rings or just need some training so they can be calm and manage around lots of people, then we can arrange some training sessions prior to your big day!

Overnight Stay

We can take your pup back to your home or where you’re staying and stay with them overnight or until you get back. By doing this, you know your dog is comfortable, settled and is getting looaads of cuddles and you can enjoy the rest of your wedding without worrying if they’re okay.

Prices from £45